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A fabric that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance

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sustainablity in heart and innovation in mind

Sustainable in heart
Innovation in mind

Redivivus Fabric is made from PLASTIC BOTTLES and PLASTIC WASTE
sourced for the high risk of entering the ocean

Our Vision

The big question on everyone’s mind is how can we reduce the problem of plastic pollution?

We believe we have found a meaningful way to address the problem head-on

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Our aim is to combat the plastic pollution problem, to ensure a greener and plastic-free world by creating a fabric that contributes to a circular supply chain and a focus on reducing plastic waste our business models brings positive environmental impact.

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We empower companies to see the value in creating innovative products from sustainable rPET fabrics. Waste plastic is a viable and eco-friendly resource that we have an abundance of. Reimaging how we use this waste product is what we do.

/ˌrɛdɪˈviːvəs/ adjective
come back to life; reborn.


How is RPET Made?

The process of how rPET Fabric is made The process of how rPET Fabric is made


RPET is the abbreviation for recycled polyethene terephthalate or, essentially, recycled plastic, this can be in the form of bottles, fishing nets, straws etc. Once processed, the recycled plastic can be used to make a host of different products; from reusable plastic packaging to textile items like activewear, outdoor gear, and even shoes.

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RPET fabric is made from recycled plastic which has been diverted from ending up in the ocean or landfill. Recycling plastic waste is a sustainable, conscious method to help the environment stay cleaner. RPET fabric is great for companies who are looking for circular solutions, as these bags will communicate your eco-friendly, responsible attitude.

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This rPET fabric can be used to make products such as clothes, including, t-shirts, leggings, backpacks and even reusable shopping bags. Thus, making it ideal for fashion and textile industries including homeware and giftware.

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